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Monday, June 11, 2012

NBA Finals

Sorry I've been gone for so long.  I plan to pick up again, now that summer T.V. is starting.  But for this week, the most important thing starting is the NBA Finals.  It is kind of fun that the Miami Heat are in it, because they are so polarizing.  I'm torn because my dear friend hates the Heat, but I feel kind of bad for LeBron James.  Also, I'm from the Pacific Northwest and the Thunder used to be the Supersonics, and I just don't know if that makes me love them or hate them...

So, here are some workouts.  There is one for Heat fans, one for Thunder Fans, and the 2 other people in America like me that don't really have a favorite.  As my dad says every baseball season, "I just want the series to go to 7 games so I get to watch more."  Except, in this case, watch more and exercise more.  BONUS!

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